#PilotingPostdevelopment Fundraiser


What!! Is Obibini Bruni starting a fundraising campaign?! Yes she is! Let me first tell you a bit about what I have been up to the past few months, changes on the website, a tiny bit about #PilotingPostdevelopment and then finally ways to get involved and SUPPORT US!!

What Have I Been Up To?

I will actually go as far back as when I stopped posting regularly, which was technically in December, as my lack of posting in November was actually due to illness. My last routine post was on the 18 December and it was around this time that Borbor and I decided to change the direction our life was heading. At the time, I was searching for work in my field, in the hopes of gaining experience that would help me to eventually make my dream come true, while finally living with Borbor. After crowdfunding gained my attention for the second time, I spent the following month researching it. As a thorough person, I went through every platform I could find (and merely scraping the surface) not only learning about the platforms, but also how run a successful campaign, as well as even finding some statistics and tips that will be so very helpful for my fundraising campaign!

After this month long research period, I finally decided to fundraise on my own website. Why? Various reasons:

  • the large majority of supporters are friends and family; 80-90%
  • platforms either take a cut of funds raised or of donations, with the smallest portion I saw being 3-5% PLUS transaction fees; why not cut the middle man and make sure the program gets the most out of supporters money, by only having transaction fees (you will see below there is an exception, but that all depends on your support method)?
  • being in Ghana, it will be much easier to manage the online portion of the program this way
  • I have so much more freedom to cater the program to the community and to get feedback from supporters
  • surely I have forgotten something, if so I will either add it here, or write a post about it

I then developed the #PilotingPostdevelopment program, while making …

… Changes to the Website

If you have been following for a while, then you know this used to be exclusively a blog; at that time, it was a wordpress.com blog. Since then, I registered for self-hosting and am using wordpress.org software to power what is now more of a website. Things I have added:


In a nutshell, Piloting Postdevelopment is a program to encourage and empower Ghanaian youth to make of Ghana the place they want it to be. Having volunteered in Ghana and then returned every year, I started as a volunteer who loved the community I was with and have progressed to somewhere between community member and foreigner. Add my education and the mindset that had encouraged me to start that degree in the first place and you get the foundation for the program.

While there are some amazing things happening with development work and voluntourism, the field is excessively Eurocentric and it is common to envision perceived problems, rather than asking the communities what they require and desire. Because of this, there are many shortcomings, despite what are for the most part good intentions. Those going in rarely come to have the connection with the community that a local or an inbetweener like myself will have, meaning they go for a few months, maybe a year or two, and if they return, do so merely for a short vacation. Furthermore, the amazing local changeants’ (totally stole that word from Satoshi Ikeda) work is buried under the pile of Voluntourism companies (rarely nonprofit organizations) and development organizations (often International NGOs). Through discussions and field trips, I will help youth bring together their amazing passions, talents and skills to make their vision of a better future a reality. I have many ideas as to other programs that we will begin to implement as the organization strengthens, but before those can begin, #PilotingPostdevelopment needs to start up the first program and that is where you come in.

Get Involved and SUPPORT US

There are various ways to get involved, even as a start-up organization. The most urgent way to get involved is to support us. As stated on the page, you can support us by:

  • Paypal ⇒ no account necessary
  • My shop ⇒ this is where I am selling the things I am not keeping, as well as a few things I made
  • Gratipay and Patreon are recurring donations ⇒ the first for social enterprises and the second for creative work, i.e. blog and youtube posts
  • Flattr ⇒ one-time microdonations provided when a flattr user clicks the flattr button on my blog, or likes one of my youtube videos
  • Finally if you prefer to support by cheque, please contact me so I can give you the necessary details

Two other great ways to get involved are to partner with or volunteer for us, whether you are in or out of Ghana. Partnerships mean we can work together, while volunteering for us means you help us out in a way that can help you gain beneficial experience, so what are you waiting for?

Most important is to share, share, and share again! The more #PilotingPostdevelopment is shared with others, the more likely possible supporters can know of our existence, meaning the program is far more likely to succeed!

Let me know what you think!

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