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After going public about the fundraiser, I used my program time to refresh my memory for the ideal campaign (how will #PilotingPostdevelopment ever succeed if we cannot support our work?). On my crowdfunding document, I had kept various tips, but after such a lengthy period since doing this research, I knew it was essential that I review the literature. The first detail to think about is the campaign length. Initially, I had read on the Canada Media Fund that IndieGoGo recommends 45 days as the ideal length, yet in the past few days, I added 30 (from Kickstarter), 47 days with the 36th being the day at which the target is reached (as per, and 40 on a document I downloaded off of IndieGoGo just this morning. With some variation in the campaign length, I decided to average out these numbers (ignoring the target day thing) and came up with 40 days. SO my campaign is a 40-day campaign, starting on the 13 May (halfway between going public and today), ending on the …

22 june

What does this mean? For youth to be able to start utilizing #PilotingPostdevelopment programing, I need 8600 CAD. At this time, I have already raised 26%, which means I only need another 6352 CAD! What is particularly exciting about this is that I read that 80% of campaigns managing to raise more than 20% of their goal end up being successful and that campaigns reaching 25% of their goals within the first week are 5x more likely to hit their targets ⇒ having reached 26%, #PilotingPostdevelopment is well on its way to being fully funded!

So where do you come in? Your involvement means this program will become a reality! The sooner we are funded, the sooner I can get to Ghana and work with Mayosa to get ready for the start of school, while also networking with other schools and organizations to start expanding immediately! Your options:

  • Support by donation or through our shop
  • Share this on any of your social media, including Facebook and Twitter
  • Or you can even do a little fundraising to help us get that little bit extra funding! Just do not forget to contact us.

Obibini Bruni – Facebook, YouTube

Let me know what you think!

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