Very Late Blog Action Day Post

Désolé, je n’ai pas traduit cet article, mais je vais traduire le prochain avant de le publier. De plus, s.v.p. me pardoner pour mon français mal-écrit; puisque je n'ai pas une bonne connexion d'internet comme au Canada, donc je n'utiliserai pas bonpatron pour améliorer mon écriture. I am in Ghana, and have been for nearly… Continue reading Very Late Blog Action Day Post


Part 2: #MTLUrbanRace #TeamOverthinkers

As I was packing, I fell upon the notebook I had been using for my blog posts before posting them. In it, I found my Montreal Urban Race blog post, part TWO. I am actually not that far behind, as the first episode went up on their channel on the 26 April and the last… Continue reading Part 2: #MTLUrbanRace #TeamOverthinkers

Back-to-School Fundraiser | Collecte de fonds retour-aux-études

Français In 2011, I was not okay, so the minute I had enough money to get to Ghana, along with a possible job opportunity while there, I quit my job and rushed to get there asap. The visa arrived hours before I had to leave for my flight, the job fell through, but I was… Continue reading Back-to-School Fundraiser | Collecte de fonds retour-aux-études