Companies, Organizations, Providers – of the Voluntourism Industry

Note: This post was written on the 13 January 2018 Lately, my notes had me overwhelmed, as would any list of random thoughts that is my list of post topics! During my last year of university, one professor had us submit a brain map of the key concepts in the weekly readings. What better way… Continue reading Companies, Organizations, Providers – of the Voluntourism Industry


I had a post ready at the end of June, but then I changed my mind as to the direction I wanted to go; if you were waiting all this time, my apologies! Hopefully this will have been worth the wait, though! Originally I only wanted to discuss the who of voluntourism in this post.… Continue reading Voluntourists


Growing up, I always pictured myself doing something to change the world. It was not about fixing everything, so much as helping one family at a time with their basic needs, starting with their presumed lack of food; I wanted to teach them how to produce it for themselves. Whenever I remember this, I cannot… Continue reading Voluntourism