Part 2: #MTLUrbanRace #TeamOverthinkers

As I was packing, I fell upon the notebook I had been using for my blog posts before posting them. In it, I found my Montreal Urban Race blog post, part TWO. I am actually not that far behind, as the first episode went up on their channel on the 26 April and the last… Continue reading Part 2: #MTLUrbanRace #TeamOverthinkers

Chapters Event

Early in my working life, I worked at Chapters.  To date, I continue to attribute it as my favourite job.  Recently, that location was shut down.  For over a month before that, there had been a closing sale, which all those customers who had not been supporting it over the last few years attended.  It is funny how this speaks… Continue reading Chapters Event

Part1: #MTLUrbanRace #TeamOverthinkers

I will post another part after all of the episodes have aired, so as not to give any spoilers.  All I want to say is that when I took part in Montreal Urban Race a few weeks ago, I had a blast and want to thank the What's Up Montreal team for all their hard work,… Continue reading Part1: #MTLUrbanRace #TeamOverthinkers