Carnivore Reactions

Ask any meat-eater and they will tell you stories about vegetarians telling them how to eat and live their lives, etc. etc. Conversely, ask any vegetarian (vegan, pescatarian ...) and they will have a list for you of things meat-eaters always say to them. Let me tell you, I am skeptical about what meat-eaters are… Continue reading Carnivore Reactions

My Experience as a Vegetarian

  Note: image above comes from Do you like meat? Do you wonder why anyone could ever consider being vegetarian? I mean it is one thing to eat poutine or fettuccini alfredo every once in a while, but does a balanced and varied diet without meat exist? However can that be possible? Sure, most of what… Continue reading My Experience as a Vegetarian

Very Late Blog Action Day Post

Désolé, je n’ai pas traduit cet article, mais je vais traduire le prochain avant de le publier. De plus, s.v.p. me pardoner pour mon français mal-écrit; puisque je n'ai pas une bonne connexion d'internet comme au Canada, donc je n'utiliserai pas bonpatron pour améliorer mon écriture. I am in Ghana, and have been for nearly… Continue reading Very Late Blog Action Day Post