Dance: Djamboola

This promotional video shows what I did last week.  If you search Djamboola on YouTube, you will find many videos.  So far this dance fitness has only been in Montreal, as the creator is based there.  He toured Europe last month, so as to promote Djamboola, as it is quite loved already and African music, especially Afrobeats, is… Continue reading Dance: Djamboola

Mtl Jazz Fest: Jean Jean Roosevelt

On the fourth, I saw Jean Jean Roosevelt with a friend.  I chose to see him because of the use of Afrobeats in his music.  The show was great.  I loved that he was so humble coming on stage, as well as throughout the show.  The music was easy to dance to, something that is always key… Continue reading Mtl Jazz Fest: Jean Jean Roosevelt

Mtl Jazz Fest: Ibrahim Electric, Mokoomba and the Posterz

On the third, I returned to the Jazz Fest to see Ibrahim Electric, Mokoomba, and the Posterz.  I chose to see Ibrahim Electric because "Afrobeats" was in their description.  While I enjoyed their sound, is was very 1960s mod, it did not have Afrobeats in any way I could recognize.  All for the better, though, as it… Continue reading Mtl Jazz Fest: Ibrahim Electric, Mokoomba and the Posterz