Dance Lessons: Lyrical and Tutting

First off, I forgot to mention that the waacking choreography was to Flawless, by Beyonce.  Also, we filmed the choreography, both Ariella alone, as well as with those of us that took the session.  I am going to keep practicing the choreography, and maybe when I finally get a camera of sorts, I might do a… Continue reading Dance Lessons: Lyrical and Tutting

Dance Lesson: Waacking

On the 12th, I went to a waacking dance lesson.  It is part of a series of three hip hop dance lessons, organized by Hip Hop Heads Concordia.  The other two lessons are lyrical dance and tutting and all three are lead by Ariella Robyn, a freestyle dancer who has a ton of choreographing experience… Continue reading Dance Lesson: Waacking