Part 2: #MTLUrbanRace #TeamOverthinkers

As I was packing, I fell upon the notebook I had been using for my blog posts before posting them. In it, I found my Montreal Urban Race blog post, part TWO. I am actually not that far behind, as the first episode went up on their channel on the 26 April and the last… Continue reading Part 2: #MTLUrbanRace #TeamOverthinkers

Dance: Djamboola

This promotional video shows what I did last week.  If you search Djamboola on YouTube, you will find many videos.  So far this dance fitness has only been in Montreal, as the creator is based there.  He toured Europe last month, so as to promote Djamboola, as it is quite loved already and African music, especially Afrobeats, is… Continue reading Dance: Djamboola

Dance Lessons: Lyrical and Tutting

First off, I forgot to mention that the waacking choreography was to Flawless, by Beyonce.  Also, we filmed the choreography, both Ariella alone, as well as with those of us that took the session.  I am going to keep practicing the choreography, and maybe when I finally get a camera of sorts, I might do a… Continue reading Dance Lessons: Lyrical and Tutting