I had a post ready at the end of June, but then I changed my mind as to the direction I wanted to go; if you were waiting all this time, my apologies! Hopefully this will have been worth the wait, though! Originally I only wanted to discuss the who of voluntourism in this post.… Continue reading Voluntourists


Growing up, I always pictured myself doing something to change the world. It was not about fixing everything, so much as helping one family at a time with their basic needs, starting with their presumed lack of food; I wanted to teach them how to produce it for themselves. Whenever I remember this, I cannot… Continue reading Voluntourism

Real *** Eat Meat

What a real man is, is debatable. I am of the mind that this does not exist. Yes, we can all list qualities deemed acceptable, if not important, by society – Competitive Self-reliant, if not already a provider Decision-maker Capable of self-defence Tough Physically strong But does every man you know actually fit this description… Continue reading Real *** Eat Meat