Mtl Jazz Fest: Sandra Nkaké and Mokoomba

Version française suit On the second, I went, yet again, to the Jazz Fest.  I was there to see Sandra Nkaké and either The Hot Sardines or Mokoomba.  While The Hot Sardines were good, I was much more interested in Mokoomba, a band from Zimbabwe with a sound including traditional Tonga rhythms.  Right there were two… Continue reading Mtl Jazz Fest: Sandra Nkaké and Mokoomba

Mtl Jazz Fest: Lady

On the 1 July, I returned to the Jazz Fest to see Lady with a friend.  It was her picture, more than anything, that made me want to see her.  Her debut on a Missy Elliot album also helped.  From the moment the music started, I knew I would love it.  The Motown feel was a current style of R&B;… Continue reading Mtl Jazz Fest: Lady

Montreal Jazz Fest: Wesli & Oy

On the 29 July, I went to the Montreal Jazz Festival.  There was a time when I used to spend all of my non-working hours there.  As I have recently finished my undergrad, I no longer have the same definition of free time.  Because of that, I have been looking up each of the artists beforehand, so as to… Continue reading Montreal Jazz Fest: Wesli & Oy