Mtl Jazz Fest: Jean Jean Roosevelt

On the fourth, I saw Jean Jean Roosevelt with a friend.  I chose to see him because of the use of Afrobeats in his music.  The show was great.  I loved that he was so humble coming on stage, as well as throughout the show.  The music was easy to dance to, something that is always key… Continue reading Mtl Jazz Fest: Jean Jean Roosevelt

Mtl Jazz Fest: Sandra Nkaké and Mokoomba

Version française suit On the second, I went, yet again, to the Jazz Fest.  I was there to see Sandra Nkaké and either The Hot Sardines or Mokoomba.  While The Hot Sardines were good, I was much more interested in Mokoomba, a band from Zimbabwe with a sound including traditional Tonga rhythms.  Right there were two… Continue reading Mtl Jazz Fest: Sandra Nkaké and Mokoomba

Montreal Jazz Fest: Wesli & Oy

On the 29 July, I went to the Montreal Jazz Festival.  There was a time when I used to spend all of my non-working hours there.  As I have recently finished my undergrad, I no longer have the same definition of free time.  Because of that, I have been looking up each of the artists beforehand, so as to… Continue reading Montreal Jazz Fest: Wesli & Oy